On the 19th January 2012 Adrienne Elizabeth Hussey suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and passed away, aged just 26. She had previously represented Texas at the 2010 Rose of Tralee International Festival and immediately fell in love with Ireland and its people.

‘FRIENDS of A’ was formed by Adrienne’s family and friends in her memory to support cranial aneurysm research through the University of Limerick Adrienne Hussey Scholarship.  

‘FRIENDS of A’ needed an identity that would capture the indelible spirit of Adrienne – her grace, her beauty, her charm – while also aptly representing the charity, giving them the professional branding to move forward with confidence when it came to fundraising and events.

Due to the very nature of the project, there was a huge amount of symbolisation to work with: the simple yellow and black colour scheme was chosen to represent the famous yellow rose of Texas, the emblem of the Texas Rose of Tralee and the very heartbeat of the Texan-Irish community. The flower and rose geometric design reflects Adrienne being chosen as the 2010 Texas Rose and it becoming such an integral part of her life. There are also five distinct points at the edge of the semicircle, designed to be reminiscent of the star on the flag of Adrienne's home state of Texas.

Finally, and perhaps most poignantly, the semicircle shape of the logo itself symbolises that, as ‘FRIENDS of A’strive to carry on Adrienne’s memory, there will certainly always be a part of her missing from their lives.